Summer Cooling - Moving the Warmest Air to Your Cooling System

In your living space warmer air moves up and cooler air moves down. In your cooling system warmer air flows in and cooler air flows out. In your living space the warmest air is at the top and the coolest air is at the bottom. Your cooling system is most effective if the warmest air flows in. Air should flow in from the top of your living space. A vertical air duct is needed to guide the warmest air to your cooling system. Cooled air should flow out at lower levels. The cooled air moves down towards the bottom.

For your heating system air should flow in at the bottom of your living space and flow out at the same or higher levels. The warmed air moves up towards the top.

For many installed heating/cooling systems, air flows in only from lower levels of the living space. No duct work exists exists for bringing return air to the system from the top of the living space. If you have such a system, a high capacity vertical duct should be installed to bring return air from the top of the living space to the system for cooling. A control unit is required that allows this air to flow into the system for cooling, balanced by an equivalent reduction in air flow from lower levels.

Milton McAllister Beck
August 3, 2015

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