Testimony of John Milton Beck

"If you will do the will of the Father you shall know the doctrine whether I speak of God or myself." This has been verified in my life's experiences. I have tried to live the commandments of the Lord; I have prayed; I have had faith; and I have worked; and through this process of activity I have come to know and can testify that Jesus is the Christ and that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. This testimony has been verified in several dreams that have come literally true. The privilege of seeing my immortal mother so I could recognize her although she died when I was an infant of two weeks old. Also by the visitation of my mother-in-law to her daughter, my wife, by a call over a telephone from the St. George Temple one year after her death; and required of her to do the specified Temple work for her dead ancestors, the record being lost to anybody else, which was revealed, and the work was done in the Temple; which created an interest in genealogical work which caused us to make it a project in behalf of our dead ancestors. In visiting the temples and laboring there for the dead; through prayer, activity, and a desire, a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has become so distinct to me and true that I know it as well as I live. I trust that every one of my children will have as clear a vision of life, of the purpose of living, and a hope of the future that I now have; and that I will be blessed with the Spirit of the Lord to convince many more of the truthfulness and the divinity of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Amen." (Given October 27, 1948)

Testimony of Leila Moore Beck

"I am thankful for my parents because they taught me the Gospel and how to pray. My first strong testimony of the Gospel came when I studied the Book of Mormon in a class taught by William J. Snow at the Brigham Young University. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and that Jesus is the Christ. My testimony has been strengthened every time that I have gone to the temple. The power of our Heavenly Father has been manifest in our home many times. I know that if I keep the commandments my Heavenly Father's blessings will be with me. I know that there is a hereafter. My mother, after she was dead, came to me asking me to do work for the dead. Blessings came to me when Sterling's work was done in the Manti temple. If we are faithful and prayerful, God will be with us to guide and direct us in all righteousness. I ask for blessings upon my children that they will be true and faithful to the principles that have been given to them and that they will live pure and truthful lives. This is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."